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Dredging the canal, we were  the only private company that provided the dredgers with the required fuels on a timely manner Fuels supplied included Fuel Oil 380 and 180 cSt and Marine Diesel Oil and Marine Gas Oil with a total quantity of 180,000 Metric tons.

With such a wide range of activities, AIPS was the only private company that participated in the NEW Suez Canal project for handling waste, whether solid or liquid, for both consortiums.
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Strict compliance with legislation ensuring that our clients’ Duty of Care responsibilities are fulfilled.

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stakeholders to create a common goal of environmental sustainability.

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Approached by various clients to provide services related to surface maintenance and protection, we introduced sand blasting and coating services to our line of services. Whether in confined spaces with in vessel tanks or onboard rigs and other marine structures, our operations were performed to our client satisfaction.

Waste Management Solutions

Alex IMPEX Petroleum Services is committed to the development of our business towards environmental, social and economic sustainability and we continuously adopt environmental best practice in providing waste management and treatment solutions to our clients.

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During the last four years, we established a fuel storage facility at Manzalah Lake where we secured a bunker supply contract with NMDC, for the supply of Marine Diesel Oil to all the dredgers and their accompanying marine units. The facility includes two storage tanks, the transfer pumps and metering system to establish the quantities handled by the facility and the floating pontoon that supplies the units with their fuel needs.

Due to the reputation our group had acquired during these projects mentioned, we managed to sign contracts that covered our activities at Ras Banas and Baranese Naval bases for the supply of fuel and fresh water to the dredgers that were used to upgrade the base infra-structure.

Damietta and Adabeyiah ports on the Red Sea were covered by our barges and tanker trucks where we provided the Fuels required whether Fuel Oil or Gas Oil to the dredgers and their supporting units.


Our current project includes the Ras Gargoub Naval base on the Mediterranean Sea where we supply the marine units and dredgers with the fresh water and bunker requirements. All the supply activities are through our tanker trucks, barges and those of our affiliates at remote locations. Our barges range from 300 tons all the way to 1800 ton, the tanker truck fleet includes trucks with capacities ranging from 25 to 50 tons for both fresh water and fuel deliveries.

At the request of our clients, barging services to provide the marine units with their requirements from fresh water and marine fuels take place in coordination with reputable suppliers at the time and place required by our clients. When barging is not permitted, our fleet of tanker trucks provides the same services in accordance with our client needs.